Christmas is EPIC time

This is the first wave of EPIC book releases and it is an honour to see how popular and well loved this book is.

It is a beautiful piece of Australian history captured in images and beautiful text.

For those who were there they RELIVE the joy and emotions through the pages of the book.

For those who weren’t there they can see through the powerful, bright images a couple of weeks  that will go down in Australia as turning points and saving points of humanity.

Order your book (s) before 11th December and (fingers crossed) Australia Post gets the book to your before Christmas.

Just on that – these books are delivered by Australia Post – if you have NOT received your copy yet, they are the FIRST port of call. Contact your local post office to see if there is a parcel waiting. We have not done tracking numbers as this would increase the time for (me) to get them out, as well as increase the cost of postage.

In all instances, the books are delayed or waiting, if not in your mail box.

Thank you for understanding,

PS: Epic the Podcast Series is out now, with Senator Gerard Rennick, Julian Gillespie and Jon Farriss, Dan Hanson, and Adam Gibson (Parents with Questions. Follow here

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