Has your book arrived?

Hi all

thank you so much for supporting this project and undertaking by myself.

IT has been EPIC from start and there will be no finish.

It’s wonderful hearing everyone’s feedback about reliving the moment or for others who weren’t there, seeing the joy on every day Aussie’s faces.

You can upload individual stories on www.epicthebook.com.au and add photos.

If you haven’t received your book please note:

  1. Floods west of Sydney and Victoria have delayed postage for some. This is out of my control and there is NO POINT contacting us if you know you have been affected by floods.
  2. Orders until the timing of this blog have been sent.
  3. AUSTRALIA Post are handling deliveries and have stated that this is a busy period for them so deliveries may take longer. PLEASE DO NOT contact us until checking with them as each inquiry is taking me 30 minutes to resolve and often the book is arriving the next day.
  4. If you would like to place an order and try to receive before Christmas PLEASE DO SO NOW!

Australia POST are warning people that items sent in the month of December may not make Christmas deliveries which is OUT OF MY control.

Please order NOW to  avoid disappointment

Thank you for you patience and support,

Sam x